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okayyyyyyyyyy. :)

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What’s your favorite season, and would you live all year in that season if you could?

Autumn..maybe? :)

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Sorry wrong Spelling…. my keyboard was suckz…. B”)

okay. :)

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What kind of person you liked? Fat / Thin?

uhmm ung sakto lang. :D

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What Seasons do toy Like? Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…. & Tell Me Why?

Autumn..maganda kse eh..sana merong autumn dito. :))

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What’s your favorite color? :)

pink,blue,pearl light green,and white! ;)

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Describe you CRUSH :”)

Godly,talented,kind,and funny

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Who’s your favorite relative and why are they your favorite?

many to mention. lol ;))

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What is that one movie you can watch over and over again to the point that you know all of its lines already? :)

Camp Rock and Lizzie McGuire The Movie. :D =)))

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Who inspires you the most?


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